Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vizsla(In Slow Motion)

Can it be true? A Vizsla in Slow Motion? Yes, and I have experienced it.

I had Tess spayed on Thursday. Dropped her off in the morning and picked her up around 7p.m. The vet's office said she did good(they had a coon hound in there that drove them crazy howling) but she was still a little sore. So I took her home and layed her on the couch and covered her with the freshly washed blankie. Poor Tess just layed there, motionless and quiet, the total opposite of a Vizsla. It is sooo weird not having an active Tess around, weird beyond words!

I let Tess sleep on the couch all night, and in the morning she ambled up the stairs to greet me. But it wasn't the Vizsla butt-waggle greeting that is so normal to her. By Friday afternoon I could tell she was feeling better, she had a little more pep in her step. I am happy to say she is almost 100% this morning. She jumped up on the bed all by herself last night(yes I am babying her and letting her sleep with me, although she is like a brick and nothing can move her). I had to saw lumber yesterday, and when I got home she was happy-go-lucky...her tail told me so.

I also want to give Kudos to my vet, Dr. Flanders. My old vet Doc Greer passed away the fall before I got Tess. Doc Greer was my Grandpa's vet, my Dad's vet, and my vet. When I was in college for pre-vet I spent one summer shadowing Doc Greer and learned a lot(he was a large and small animal practitioner). So when I got Tess, I had to get a new vet. I went to school with Dr. Flanders(he graduated one year before me), was in FFA with him, we were both in Band, and went to the same college. He is a great vet, which is an understatement. Thanks Dr. Flanders.

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