Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Princess

We goot a good amount of snow Tuesday night. And my old house tends to get icicles on the back roof, which has a low roof line. So now every time Tess goes outside, she expects a treat when she comes back in. Her treat?? An icicle. And. She. Loves. Them. She grabs the hunk of ice out of my hand and runs off to her treat spot, where she crunches and munches until there is none left.

My wonderful girlfriend decided to make Tess a fleece coat(something about she felt sorry for my poor little doggie with the short coat...ever hear of a Vizsla Thermal Unit?). Tess wasn't impressed, and tried to jump out of it immediately. Obviously it will take some time to get her used to it. I'll get some pictures to soon as she stands still.LOL

1 comment:

Delilah and Rocket said...

A vizsla that stands still? um, yeah. Good luck with that.