Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Life with Tess is one thing after another...not complaining. Since I like to ride my bike, I thought I would introduce Tess to a new type of exercise. I took her out last week(we had a heat wave) and she did really well on Tuesday. So I decide to take her the next day. I don't ride fast, sometimes she will get up to a lope, but I don't overdo it for her.

Well on Wednesday we went out again...down the road, over a bridge, turn around, over the bridge, STOP! Yup, she decided to stop right in the middle of the bridge. And being how I still had her leash in my hand, I dang near fell over. Don't know what made her do that, but we continued on. Then she stopped again half-way home.

When we got home, I got off the bike and was going to take her inside when I notice blood on the ground. Wasn't mine. Tess had skinned one of her front pads. Funny thing was, she wasn't limping around as she trailed blood all through the house(luckily I have wood and vinyl floors, easy cleanup). So I bandaged her foot up to stop the bleeding. She didn't mind it, but she decided to walk funny once the bandage was on. I used some neosporin plus to help it along, and so it wouldn't hurt. She's all better now. Actually within a couple days she was bouncing around like a normal Vizsla. And last night she got a case of the zoomies(one of these days she's gonna break something).

Here's a pic of her worn out with a bandaged paw:


Rocket said...

Sorry to hear about the boo-boo but it looks like your dad took care of you real well.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tess! We bought this crazy spring-leash attachment for one of our bikes for taking the dog on a ride/run leash-free, but we've never used it ...

Amanda said...

hi Tess! Zoe has torn her upper pads on her front paws before if she runs really fast in the street or runs down concrete stairs. Hope you are back up and running in no time!

FlyBoy said...

rocket- It's funny how Tess will chew evrything, but when she was bandaged she only licked it.

dennis- I might have to look for one of those.

amanda- It's amazing how quick she was back to her normal Vizsla self. She actually skinned both front pads, but the right one got my attention real quick.

Angel said...

Poor little Tess...it sucks to see your dog get hurt, having three of my own (not vizsla's) it's like a child and you seem to feel the pain with them. However, I'm glad to see that Tess it back to normal.

By the way I really enjoy reading your vizsla stories.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the Zoomies? My to labs still do the "Labrador Butt Tuck" ... too darn funny!
Glad your pup is better. She's a beauty.