Friday, March 7, 2008

Snowy Play

I got some pictures of Tess while we were playing last week. She does well with retrieving a bumper. Treats help. I still keep her on a check-cord, so she won't run to play with Pike. After a bit of this, I let pike run around and play. But mostly Tess jumps all over Pike.

What? You want me to bring it all the way to you?

Hey, is that a bird over there?

Oh, we're supposed to be posing. Sorry Dad.


Rio Rocket said...

Is that a canvis bumper? My dad bought me a canvis bumper and covered it with pheasant sent. We play hide-n-seek with it in the back yard.

Naughty-I said...

Tess is a cuty....I bet she is ADHD